At GSCS, we conduct different types of training on chemical management. We help train your staffs on chemical management by a pool of chemical experts so they are more competent and capable in the field of chemical management.

Course Objective

  • Understand the Legal requirements
  • Understand the Chemical classifications
  • Understand the Risk Assessment
  • Learn about Personal protective equipment, and engineering controls.
  • Understand the Safe storage and handling
  • Understand the Spill management
  • Understand the MSDS (or SDS)and labels
  • Understand the Waste disposal system

Features of the course

  • Experimental learning using task
  • Group discussions among others
  • Practical insight into conducting audit
  • Case study and role play
  • Group exercise

Why choose GSCS?

  • Course run and managed by competent tutors with a wealth of industrial experience
  • Less theory and more practice
  • Internationally accepted certificates

To find out more about our chemical management training courses, contact us now.