GSCS International Ltd. is committed to safeguard of its impartiality in all activities. As a mechanism for safeguarding impartiality “Impartiality Committee (IC)” play a vital role for Certification Body like GSCS. On June 2020, the renewed impartiality committee was formed with the combination various interested parties of GSCS. The Impartiality Committee (IC) Meeting held on 07 July 2020 with the participation of all it’s honourable new IC committee members.

In the meeting, every aspect of the GSCS has been discussed as per the “PCOP-01-1-Impartiality Procedure”. The discussed agendas were included with meeting minutes of last meeting, a summary of the company’s activities, advancement, and difficulties during in recent year, financial situation, internal audit and management review, organizational and procedural changes etc.

The IC members contributed to all other above-mentioned agendas. Most importantly, the committee member emphasized on international market intelligence, complaint handling, organizational and professional ethics & integrity, CPD, organizational branding etc.

The committee members were from the interested parties mentioned below-

  • Manufacturer
  • Trade with certified products specialist
  • Non-profit organizations expert
  • Trade body/ associations expert
  • Conformity assessment experts
  • Governmental educational expert
  • GSCS management member

The meeting was facilitated by honourable Managing Director and IC member of GSCS Mr. Abdul Mottaleb and note taker was GSCS accreditation team member Ms. Fairooz Shahana.

All IC members thanked to GSCS management to organize the IC meeting on regular basis.

The meeting was concluded by Mr. Abdul Mottaleb by thanking to all IC members and commitment of continual improvement through safeguarding the impartiality.