GSCS International Ltd. and department of environmental science, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint collaborations to run Auditor/Lead Auditor Training course on different ISO standards. GSCS International Ltd. is the only organization in Bangladesh to run Five days Lead Auditor Course on ISO 14001:2015 with the collaboration of public University.

Through this partnership, GSCS and Jahangirnagar university pledge to scale and leverage the unique capabilities of students. The Auditor/Lead Auditor Training course will be focused on teaching the process audits in accordance with the specific ISO standards and ISO 19011:2018, “Guidelines on Auditing Management Systems”.

This course is accredited by ASCB(E) and IRQAO. ASCB(E) is one of the leading international accreditation bodies in the world, respected for its integrity, practicality and impartiality. ASCB belongs to the Global Accreditation Forum (GAF), an international association for accreditation, which promotes best practices in quality assurance worldwide.

This Auditor/Lead Auditor Training course develops the necessary skills to assess and report on the conformance and implementation of organizational processes conforming to relevant ISO standard. Through this course student to learn on how to initiate an audit, prepare and conduct audit activities, compile and distribute audit reports and complete follow-up activities.