Global Sustainable Certification Services Ltd. aims at offering comprehensive certification services in Bangladesh. With the highest level of quality assurance, integrity and professionalism, GSCS conducts Social/ ETI / Technical Auditing, Inspection and renders Certification and Training services, across all the industrial sectors paying special attention to RMG (Ready Made Garments) industries. In Bangladesh, there are approximately 6000 garments industries where a great number of illiterate or semi-literate workforces are working. Garments industries that generate almost 70% of total employment accommodate a majority portion of female workers from fringe / rural areas of Bangladesh. GSCS’s mission is to ensure the workers’ friendly environment for all, realizing their ethical and legal rights & benefits and workplace safety.


  • A group of young, energetic, and talented professionals with specialty in different areas.
  • A high level of experience in Auditing, Inspection, Training and Certification.
  • A large number of business contacts among the business group, associations, and corporate bodies.