APSCA (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditor) is an industry association created to support individuals and organizations by promoting the use of independent social compliance audits as a tool to advance workplace conditions globally.

APSCA aims to enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of organizations and auditors performing independent social compliance audits.

APSCA expects Members to demonstrate a high standard of ethics and Member Firms to promote a culture of honesty and integrity in day-to-day operations and support the fair treatment and appropriate workplace conditions for their Member Auditors.

GSCS International Ltd. is proudly holding onto the provisional membership of APSCA from year 2019.

By becoming a Member of APSCA, GSCS International Ltd. is committed to uphold the principles outlined in the Code and the related Standards in the conduct of all social compliance services.

Download APSCA Code and Standards of Professional Conduct here