GSCS has articulated product certification procedure which covers the whole product certification procedure and processes starting from initial audit to re-audit, for granting, maintaining, extending or reducing the scope of, for suspending, for withdrawing or for refusing certificate.

GSCS shall follow the below flowchart in order to for product certification process:

  • Certification query by e-mail or over phone from interested client
  • GSCS shall send application form to client
  • Filled up Application received from client
  • Queries for legal permits and other relevant audit reports to client
  • GSCS shall review the application form and send the financial proposal to the client
  • On agreement of financial proposal, GSCS shall confirm the client agreement with client
  • GSCS shall send the management plans and related documents of respective standard to the client
  • On receipt of the filled-up management plan, GSCS shall confirm the audit plan with the client and set the on-site audit date.
  • On the due date, GSCS shall conduct the on-site audit
  • Client shall have to handle the non-conformities (if any) as per below table.
Audit type Type of non-conformity CA Period Impact
For Initial Audit Critical Non-conformity Immediate
  • Must be corrected prior to certification
  • Certificate will not issue without closing this conformity
Major Non-conformity 30 days
  • Must be corrected prior to certification
  • Certificate will not issue without closing this conformity
Minor Non-conformity 60 days
  • Must be corrected prior to certification
  • If operator does not have any control for corrective action, the certificate may issue without closing the Minor Non-conformity. Example- operator applied to renew fire license but the legal permit authority taking more time.
Reminder None Must be closed once production started
  • Within two months of on-site audit, GSCS file reviewer shall make the decision for granting or refusing certification based on the non-conformity evidences, submitted by the clients.
  • Certification decisions shall be completed within 60 days of the audit. If a certificate is not issued by this date, certification shall be denied and a new audit shall be required before the organization may become certified to the Standard.
  • Certification decisions may include requests for the correction of major or minor non-conformities within a specified time period. In this case, an updated certification decision shall be made upon closure of the non-conformities or upon the deadline for the non-conformities, whichever comes first.
  • Within the 60 days allowed for finalization, the GSCS shall not delay the certification decision unnecessarily in order to avoid suspension of a scope certificate (e.g. by delaying all certification decisions until all non-conformities have been closed).
  • GSCS shall provide the operator with formal certification documentation that clearly conveys, or permits identification of the following:

    • GSCS company name and address;
    • the date of certification is granted (the date shall not precede the date on which the certification decision was completed and expiry date shall be one day after the expiry of the first scope certificate which shall be identified as the anniversary date);
    • the name and address of the operator;
    • the scope of certification;
  • On anytime during the certification period, if it is found that operator has used materials/inputs which do not comply standard requirements, for example, non-certified raw materials, restricted materials, unapproved chemical inputs etc. in certified products, on-going of certified product production or certified products that has been shipped out, GSCS shall recall the products as listed on inspection report. GSCS shall request the operator to inform their buyer or GSCS shall inform directly to product owner on such event. As well, GSCS shall not issue any transaction certificate or cancel /withdraw the issued TC (s) for those products. On such case GSCS shall immediately inform Textile Exchange/Global Standards gGmbH on recall of products/cancellation of Transaction Certificates.

Suspension or Withdrawal of Certification

When a nonconformity with certification requirements is substantiated, either as a result of annual audit or otherwise such as announced audit, GSCS shall consider and decide upon the appropriate action.

The appropriate action may include:

  • Certification may continue under special safeguarding (e.g. GSCS shall conduct unannounced visit).
  • Reduction in the scope of certification to remove nonconforming product variants;
  • Suspension of the certification pending remedial action by the operator;
  • Withdrawal of the certification.

Termination of Certification

In case of termination of scope certificate (by request of the operator), suspended or withdrawn, GSCS shall take actions specified by the certification standard.
If fraud or other misrepresentation is found after the inspection, operator shall be suspended and necessary action will be taken.

Scope reduction of certification

In case of reducing the scope of certificate, GSCS shall take actions specified by the TE standards and shall make all necessary modifications to formal certification documents, public information, authorizations for use of marks, etc., in order to ensure the reduced scope of certification is clearly communicated to the operator and clearly specified in certification documentation and public information.

Scope Extension of certification

In case of scope extension, operator may add an extra unit or activity. GSCS shall take actions specified by the certification standard such as arranging an extra visit which would be focused on the operator general system and the specific reason of extra visit (such as adding a unit) at client additional unit.

1- GSCS will send the application form to certified operator
2- GSCS will send the quotation and Subcontractor agreement
3- Operator will sign Quotation and Processor Agreement and send back to GSCS
4- Then GSCS (will) arrange the extra audit that confirm by both parties negotiation
5- GSCS will send the Inspection Plan to Operator and/or Subcontractor
6- Inspection report will be send to GSCS for review after all NCNs are closed
7- If approve, then SC will be amended and re-issued the Scope Certificate.