SAC FEM Higg Index Verification

Developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the Higg Index is a suite of tools that enables brands, retailers, and facilities of all sizes — at every stage in their sustainability journey — to accurately measure and score a company or product’s sustainability performance.

  • Higg Index delivers a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the well-being of factory workers, local communities, and the environment. Higg Index is a verification not an Audit

Why Higg index Verification?

  • Higg index verification is not pass fail audit
  • Provide facilities with an external assessment of their performance
  • Help facilities more accurately benchmark their KPI
  • Support the implementation of a continuous improvement process
  • Reduce costs and audit fatigue

Higg Index Onsite & Offsite Verification

Offsite Verification: The information can be verified through an offsite verification, in which the Verifier completes the Verification from a distance without visiting the Facility. The Verified Results of an Offsite Verification cannot be shared publicly.
Onsite Verification: The Verifier personally inspects or visits the Facility. The verified result of an Onsite verification can be shared publicly.
The benefits of Onsite Verifications:

  •  The Verifier visits the Facility, increasing the confidence of the Verification
  •  The Verifier can see the entire Facility
  •  The Facility spends time with the Verifier, which may increase their understanding of:
  1.  The Performance Improvement Plan
  2.  How to better meet expectations
  3.  The Higg Criterion and Self-assessment
  4.  If a Facility wishes to Verify Level 2 and/or 3 Chemical indicators, this can only be done through an Onsite

How to Define the Risk Level

High Risk: Industrial wastewater with onsite treatment.
Medium Risk: Facility with air emissions, no chemicals used onsite and no onsite wastewater treatment.
Low Risk: Facility without air emissions, with no chemicals used onsite and o onsite wastewater treatment.

Our approach

GSCS offers you the SAC Higg Index Onsite Verification Service with very competitive price. We have a group of young, talented, energetic professionals with specialty in SAC Higg Index Onsite Verification.

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