Certificate Verification

Product control & Inspection

GSCS provides quality assurance services in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Ethiopia for variety of customers covering Incoming control or Material Inspection, Pre-production control (On site size set checking and PP meeting), Sample picking, Layout and First output quality checking, Inline Inspection (DPI) and Final Random Inspection (FRI). Our quality engineers are having 10 to 15 years inspection and Quality controlling experience in 3rd party, buying office and multi-national factories.

Incoming Inspection

In the incoming inspection we verify that the factory received correct material according to the agreed standard by customer. Fabric inspections by 4-point system to ensure that there is no such defects which can hamper the production line or be accountable to produce products that is below standard. Accessories inspections are carried out on the basis of AQL to ensure the accessories quality is correct.

Pre-production control (Size set & PP Meeting)

GSCS provides pre-production service (Size set & PP meeting) to reduce the quality risk in bulk production. Our quality engineers are highly capable to find out quality and specific issues in trial cutting stage and can guide customers and factories how to adjust correct quality before proceeding to bulk production.

Sample Collection

Inspections are not always the service that buyer will ask for. If you need samples for your evaluation, need lab testing from randomly selected samples, we offer the best approach for you. With GSCS Reference Sample Collection Service, we visit the manufacturer, select samples randomly on your behalf and then dispatch to you, your testing lab or anywhere you designate.

Performing a Sample Collection will help you to ensure the samples are genuinely selected from bulk goods on a random basis, not a “special good” one from factory.

First output quality checking

First output verification is quite important to set the quality parameter at the beginning of bulk production. It helps reduce defective production from the line rather than struggling and sorting out defective garments at final stage of shipment.

During Production Inspection (DPI/DUPRO)

During production inspection (DPI) is usually performed at 5-20% of the goods finished. Inspector will check the finished and semi-finished goods. Inspector will also point out possible defects during production. This helps to find out possible defects and make rectifications at earlier production stage.

More DPIs can be conducted at different stages along the production period depending on complexity of products, production process, order quantity, reliability of the factory, etc.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Our inspectors pull a random sample of finished and packed goods, based on internationally recognized statistical random sampling technique (AQL). Quantity/Workmanship, Styling, color, functions, packaging, size specification, etc. are verified to ensure the required product specifications are met. The goods should be at least 80% in packed and balance goods should be under finishing process. None of the goods should be in sewing or cutting section. GSCS follows customer requirement. In case, where no set up requirement is provided by customer, GSCS follows generic criteria.

100% Inspection for Luxury Brands

On basis of our customer’s need we also provide 100% inspection services. This type of inspection is carried out on 100% packed goods. Factory should arrange totally separate unpacking/packing and inspection area. Our quality inspectors are professional to check and quarantine acceptable and unacceptable goods on basis of customer’s quality level, separating repairable/non-repairable goods, follow up the disposal of non repairable and rejected goods, seal the cartons onsite with our security gum tape so there is no risk of mixing up, follow up shipment loading.

Loading and Discharge Supervision

GSCS loading and discharge supervision services help to protect the safety, integrity and quality of your products throughout the supply chain.

Our inspectors can be in full time attendance at every operational stage to provide loading supervision and discharge supervision, ensuring you receive a constant and direct flow of information.

To provide you with the control and peace of mind you need, our loading supervision and discharge supervision services include:

Sampling and testing services
Quantity and weight determination
Packaging and label verification
Sealing services
Operational control of loading and discharge
Temperature monitoring
Real time reporting with situation updates, monitoring any items of concern
To find out now how we can mitigate your risk by supervising the transfer of your goods, contact GSCS now.