Chemical Management

GCS International Ltd. conducts different types of training on chemical management system to help and train personnel on chemical management system. GSCS has a pool of chemical experts, competent and capable enough in the field of chemical management.

Course Objective
Understand the Legal requirements
Understand the Chemical classifications
Understand the Risk Assessment
Learn about Personal protective equipment, and engineering controls.
Understand the Safe storage and handling
Understand the Spill management
Understand the MSDS (or SDS)and labels
Understand the Waste disposal system
Features of the course
Experimental learning using task
Group discussions among others
Practical insight into conducting audit
Case study and role play
Group exercise
Why choose GSCS?
Course run and managed by competent tutors with a wealth of industrial experience
Less theory and more practice
Internationally accepted certificates
For more information about chemical management system training course, please contact us by phone (+88 0255086965) or email to We will be pleased to assist you.