Factory Assessment

Factory Assessment
The objective of a general factory audit is to ensure that the factory you choose is capable of producing your products to your required specifications and within your desired timeframe.

In today’s highly competitive consumer market, buyers need a vendor base that will partner with them to meet all aspects of production, from design and quality to product life cycle times and delivery requirements. However, how do you effectively select new partners? How do you monitor the progress of existing vendors? And how can you effectively work with vendors to keep the focus on quality as well as time?

A factory assessment audits the production capability and performance of a factory against proven quality principles. As such, the key criteria assessed are policies, procedures and records that would indicate the factory’s ability to deliver consistent quality management over time, rather than at one given time or only for certain products. Core areas and processes addressed by a factory assessment include:

Quality Management System
Good Manufacturing Practice (Factory Environment Standards)
Product Control
Process Control
Key Benefits:

Evaluate capabilities of potential new vendors as part of the selection process
Identify key strengths and weaknesses of your existing vendor base
Monitor and track progress over time to drive quality throughout the manufacturing process
Provide an independent assessment tool that retailers, buyers and vendors can use together to make improvements