ISO EN 20471

What is ISO EN 20471?

EN ISO 20471 is an international standard that imposes requirements on visible workwear for employees in high-risk areas. Today, in more and more industries, employees need to wear safety workwear with retro reflective bands and fluorescent material to keep visibility intact. This applies to industries where a large part of the work takes place near airport, dual carriage ways, traffic, cranes and other motorized vehicles, as well as work that takes place in the dark.

“ISO EN 20471 – High visibility clothing – Test methods and requirements” is one of the most widely known and used norms for high visibility clothing, specifying the requirements for high visibility clothing “which is capable of visually signaling the user’s presence.”

This standard specifies requirements for a special type of workwear that ensures employees working in such places will be visible at night, during the day, and from all angles, including from the rear where it is impossible for them to see. With the right EN ISO 20471 safety workwear, neither reflectors nor the fluorescent material will be hidden by blind angles.

Who needs to be certified?

Organizations manufacturing the workwear which has retro reflective bands shall come under the scope of this standard.

Benefits of becoming certified:

Internationally accepted quality parameter.
Reputation in business.
Efficient cycle times, less waste and reliability that can permeate throughout the medical industry.
Compliance with standard requirement
Competitive advantage in the marketplace

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