ISO 9001 Certification

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for the quality management systems. The standard is generic in nature and caters for both the manufacturing and service industries.

Organisations which are certified to this standard reflect evidence of a business operation which is supported by a fundamental and robust quality management system platform.

What will ISO 9001 do for me?

Repeat business only comes to organisations which can provide services or products consistently, and without deviation. Complying with this standard requirement means you can demonstrate you can do this.

In essence, organisations with an effective Quality Management System (QMS) will typically meet customer expectations better than an organisation that does not have an effective QMS.

Any further benefits of certification?

  • Improved consistency of service and product performance

  • Ensures that customers come back and not the products or services delivered

  • Improved operational efficiency and competitiveness hence reducing overheads

  • Reduce costs but increase profitability

  • Increased marketing and sales opportunities

  • Greater international acceptance and competitiveness.

Our approach

GSCS specialises in Certification, backed by an efficient IT system and a group of professionals and experts.

Our array of experts provide you with the process approach audits aimed at promoting continual improvement – enabling your organisation to remain competitive globally.

We eliminate red tape and bureaucracy and provide you with the most cost effective audits, which explains why we still remain as an dominant player in the certification business.

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