1. Introduction

This procedure is to identify the methods for ensuring GSCS Board, management, staffs, inspector/auditor and contractors are impartial and remain so during all dealings with any clients, potential clients and at all times during the certification and evaluation process. All staff and inspectors working for and on behalf of the company have signed a code of conduct and confidentiality agreement as well as declared all interest within and outside of the company.

This procedure relates to all Board and Committee members, all management and staff, including contractors of GSCS. This procedure relates to these members whilst directly working for GSCS and during any dealings with actual or potential clients during and at all times outside business hours.

2. Process of Action

GSCS Managing Director, COO and staffs are fully committed to ensuring that all operation and activities are impartial.

Any relationships between individuals employed by or contracted to GSCS with other organisations or individuals will be declared, reviewed, documented and risk assessed.

GSCS does not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise the impartiality of its personnel and its responsibility for the impartiality of its certification activities.

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